Who we are

The Biomedical Optics Group is located in Tandil and is part of CIFICEN (CONICET - UNCPBA - CICPBA). Formed in 2005, it is one of the few devoted to the study of the propagation of light in biological media, both nationally and internationally. It is constituted by three CONICET researchers (one Principal and two Independent), five CONICET Postdoctoral Fellows and one undergraduate student. It has extensive experience in basic and applied research and multiple innovative scientific publications, in addition to having established active collaborations with international research groups and frequently participating in national and international conferences. On the other hand, it is in constant collaboration with research groups from Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Italy.

We also have the support of two Biomedical Engineers (graduates of Favaloro University) with a strong management and commercial profile. They have masters in business administration (MBA performed in Barcelona, Spain) and more than 10 years of experience in the local and regional health sector. In particular, they have been developed in the field of marketing and marketing of medical equipment (critical care and Diagnostic Imaging: RX and Ultrasound Systems for multinational and national companies), product development, Hospital Clinical Engineering and approval of medical devices in ANMAT. Additionally, they have proven experience and participation in more than 3 own ventures, two of them technological, which were their main occupation in the last 3 years.

Several of the team members actively participate in the local and national entrepreneurial ecosystem.